PLAY: Join the crowd!

Whether you’re new to the concept of crowdsourcing, or you’ve been thinking about a potential project for a while, there’s nothing like actually joining the crowd and taking part to get inspired.

Some fantastic new GLAM and Digital Humanities crowdsourcing projects have launched over the past year – I propose we spend some time contributing to a few, and then down tools to discuss what we like about them, what works well, and what doesn’t work so well.

Who’s in?

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About Donelle

THATCamp Wellington 2013 organiser Donelle McKinley is a PhD candidate in Information Systems at Victoria University of Wellington and a member of the Wai-te-ata Press research team. Donelle's research focuses on GLAM and academic crowdsourcing.

1 Response to PLAY: Join the crowd!

  1. Tim McNamara says:

    That seems like a lot of fun. It would be a neat experience to demonstrate how rewarding contributing to one of these projects is.

    I was thinking about introducting PyBossa at THATcamp. It’s a tool that enables you to create your own crowdsouring project.

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