TEACH: What can a SPARQL endpoint do for you?

[Update: 3 December 2013]: A blog summarizing a little of what I presented at my THATCamp session can be found here: exponentialdecay.co.uk/blog/architecture-of-the-fr-org/ – Thanks to all those who attended!]

Two-weeks back I built myself a linked file-format registry. For me, one of the biggest motivations is opening up existing data and making it more queryable…

I want to share some of that experience and provide a bit of a technical background about the implementation of that work, and what a SPARQL endpoint can do for you.


  • The motivation
  • A (brief) intro to RDF / Linked Data
  • Architecture
  • .htaccess makes it fly! (hint: magic)
  • Query mechanisms
  • You… (well, what’s next)

Conclusion: The technology isn’t a silver bullet, but, make your data available on the web, and use open standards.

Further Reading…

Personal blog, covering the work: exponentialdecay.co.uk/blog/tag/the-fr-org/

A bit of an example query: bit.ly/I2xwB3 (More information on this particular query in session…)

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  1. Tim McNamara says:

    Also YES! Loving the expansion of Linked Data here in New Zealand.

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