Tony Cairns


I am a teacher - I live to teach - I am passionate about data and making meaning from it - I love big data sets like all new Zealanders and all Australians and everything about them and their ancestors. I want to map all the data digitally and visually and be able to manipulate it kinesthetically in real time. I am interested in all learning of all things and all knowledge. I love learning. I eat data. I swim in data. I breathe data. I love data.

OK enough about me lets talk about my opinion of Nicholas Carr or Slavoj Žižek, and my best score at Galaga. Doh!! I know nothing of these things. But my DNA was up online from NZ 5 years ahead of the next set and my databases peaked at 15 million Australasian Ancestors years ago. I curated 67 art shows and 7 museum shows in the eighties before you were thought of and wrote books on nuclear war and climate change decades before they became pressing issues. In the seventies I worked on punched tape before cards and hanging chads were thought of. i have been around a while and I am still mad keen on data and processing it into meaning.

I can only pop by as Science and Biology teachers gather that day at Kelburn campus and I am teaching 8 year olds how to make hydrogen explosions in their sandpits at 2 while awhina beckons from 3.30 to 5 - I will try and bring our G&T Geeks and other teachers because it sounds like you have what we need and perhaps we can help you too - who knows but it looks fun

ps more Bio here if you want the details